Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend in Charleston

King St in Charleston

We took off Friday to spend a long weekend in Charleston, SC. My family was there for spring break, so we met them there on Thursday night and then spent Saturday and early Sunday exploring downtown Charleston.

 Here are some pictures from our trip:
BLT with fried green tomatoes at Poogan's Porch on Friday for lunch
Jennifer and Beth at dinner on Friday night

On Saturday morning, we spent the day walking around downtown Charleston. It was a really pretty day :)

We ate lunch at Magnolias and it was delicious! We had an appetizer of wonderful pimento cheese on their homemade flat bread. For lunch I had a shellfish(shrimp, scallops and lobster) in a cream sauce over grits. Kevin had a spicy shrimp and sausage dish.
Magnolias in Charleston
After lunch, we walked more around the city and had a lot of fun exploring.  I really enjoyed taking pictures of the cute scenery.

Saturday night we ate at 39 Rue de Jean, a French restaurant. We found a french pastry shop that sold macarons while walking to dinner, so that was fun! For dinner, I had duck and Kevin had braised rabbit. It was a fun night!

Sunday morning, we ate brunch at Hominy Grill before leaving to head home. We both ate shrimp and grits... a fabulous last meal in Charleston!

We were excited to get home to see Darcy though :)
After picking Darcy up from the kennel/groomer

p.s. A big happy birthday to Kevin!! It's his 25th birthday today :) 


  1. It looks like you guys had a great time! We went to Charleston for July 4th a few years back and we loved it. It's such a beautiful place!

  2. Looks amazing! I'm glad y'all made it to Poogan's and that's the same thing I ordered at Magnolia's! And Darcy looks to handsome, even though I loved him as a fluff-ball!

  3. Too fun! I live in Charleston and love it :) Come visit more often!

  4. Hominy Grill is amazing...took my mom there for Mother's Day last year. =) They serve an amazing brunch.

  5. I love charelston.. I grew up there and we still have a house. We are going easter weekend and exploring around with the hubs :)

  6. Sigh.....Charleston is just gorgeous. My mom, aunt, sister, and I take a girls trip there every summer. :)

  7. Looks so pretty there! I can't wait to visit! It's on our "weekend trip" list, and I'm hoping we can go sometime this year. Thanks for letting me know about the restaurants you liked! Glad you had a nice time!


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