Monday, March 5, 2012

Coordinating Fabrics

I'm still here! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I'm blogging as we go with our living room updates.  We have actually made some progress in the room, but there's not much to show yet ;)

Right now, I'm working on trying to identify which fabrics I'll use as accents in the room. If you remember, the main fabric, for the curtains is P. Kauffman Leaf Cloud:
Leaf Sampler/CIR  
I received the fabric for the curtains and my mom is currently helping me make them into curtain panels. Hopefully we'll have them up in a couple weeks :) However, I was interested in how the fabric would look on the entire roll, so I held it up for a quick picture before we started the curtains. 

One thing, isn't it crazy how the wall color changes with different things in the picture. Here, it sort of looks like a light green, but it really doesn't in most other light. This was a night and taken with my phone so it's a little off. However, I think that is one of the great things about neutral paint colors, I love how they go with everything and are really pleasing to the eye when done right. 

I'd like to incorporate some bold fabrics in the room for pillows and other accents.  Finally selecting fabrics is actually turning out to be quite difficult.  I want to the accents to be bright and fun in a mixture of patterns. I think bright green will be nice with the original fabric. Here are some of the fabrics that I'm found which might look nice with the P. Kauffman fabric. It's hard to tell the actual colors and scale from these examples, but I'm looking for a mix of fun geometric prints, textures and colors that will coordinate with the curtain fabric.

Pearls   Bethe Green Linen Print Fabric  Square Pegs   Checkmate Blue Check Fabric  Slick Grey Print Fabric   Morning TideEssence/CIR    Felton OD  Azaka-DK - Blue/Green Ikat Fabric                Island Rattan Palm Green      

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect fabrics, so it might not even end up using any of these... we'll see!
What do you think? Which are your favorite combinations?  


  1. Hey Meredith--I've been checking in on your house progress from time to time and it looks great. I like the two green geometric patterns on the right--but I love chartreuse, which is a strong color I think you either love or hate. I've been mired in searching for fabric to recover some chairs in my living room, and it looks like the geometrics and ikats are really the trend right now. Thanks for sharing all your good ideas!

  2. Coordinating fabrics is shown on the post here. Know all about it


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