Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mirrored Pedestal Table

These days, I'm always looking for pieces for our library/living room.  I'm still searching for the arm chairs that I'll put in front of the window and some more accent pieces.  

Well, on Sunday, I made my (nearly) semiweekly trip to HomeGoods to browse for accessories for our wall of bookshelves. We're going to have 3 bookcases with at least 6 shelves each, that's a lot of space to fill... we need a lot of stuff to put there. I was walking around looking at small decor items and I walked down the accent table aisle and saw this:

Yes!!! It's exactly what I've been envisioning in my head and it popped up in HomeGoods!  I love the distressed champagne finish on the wood and the mirrored pieces are really pretty!  The proportions are just right, I think any chairs that I get will go really nicely with this table!

When I got home, I positioned it in the library with two of the upholstered chairs from our dining room as the arm chair placeholders. I bought a faux-mercury glass lamp at HomeGoods a couple weeks ago, and I think it goes really nicely with the table. I haven't decided if that will stay on this table or go another one in the room. Either way, I'm loving how pieces brighten up the room. 

So, that's my most recent fabulous HomeGoods find! 

Do you love HomeGoods? What have you scored there recently?


  1. HomeGoods and Marshalls are two of my favorite stores. Since we purchased our home I've scored so many wonderful things from both stores. I've always loved those mirrored tables but they just don't go with the flow of our home.


  2. Love it! Fits in that space perfectly! Great find. Love Homegoods!

  3. I saw this same table at Home Goods but passed it because it was damaged. What company makes this table ??

    1. Aw, that stinks! The label on the bottom of my table says that it is from Three Hands Corp: http://www.threehands.com/

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