Monday, March 19, 2012

Pinch Pleat Curtains

I am so excited to show you the amazing progress that we've made in our library/living room this weekend. Seriously, it's looking so different now!

On Friday evening, after some amazing sushi, my mom and dad came over to bring the curtains that my mom sewed for the room.  I ordered this P. Kaufmann fabric from LS Fabrics in Atlanta.  I chose this fabric as the inspiration for the room, so it was pretty important that we get the curtains right. I love the pattern, linen fabric, and the color palette.

We chose to do pinch pleats because they're so pretty and go well with the theme of the room.  My mom sewed  the panels and used pleat hooks to form the pinch pleats.  These pleat hooks are so cool, they make the process of actually forming the pleats go so much faster. Plus, they can really help you to get a professional look.  You use pleater tape on the top of the back of your panels and insert pleat hooks to create the triple pinch pleat. There's a great explanation of this technique here. This is kind of what the back of the headers of our panels look like, except we have a fabric lining:

Pleated drapes with pleat tape.  source:

I purchased silver curtain rods with faux-mercury glass finials for the curtains.  I got matching silver rings for each pin in the back of the curtains to hang on. We also chose to make the panels full length and go from floor to almost the ceiling. I love how this makes our ceilings feel tall and the windows feel bigger than they are. In the end, I love the look of our new curtains and I'm so happy that my mom was able to help me and them look so beautiful!! Check them out in the room:


Those pictures were all taken at night, here's what they look like in the daytime. The room is really bright and airy, so relaxing!

So, what do you think? I love them and I think they're really going to bring the room together.

Come back tomorrow for a reveal of my built-in bookshelf project!! We are so excited about showing off our weekend project. It's a big one, can't wait!


  1. I love the pinched pleat look. We just did something similar with our drapes in our living room/sitting room. I think it makes DIY drapes look so custom! The room is coming together. It's going to feel so good to have it done!

  2. Those are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    I found your blog via the Ikea Hacks.

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