Monday, May 23, 2011

Finally pulled the trigger!

On ordering the kitchen appliances, that is.  I've been tracking the appliances we wanted to buy in a spreadsheet for probably over 2 months. I was watching all of the stores that sell them and keeping track of the best prices along the way. Well finally, yesterday, we decided to go for it and order the appliances... and we got a great deal on them!

We went to HHGregg and they were really helpful.  We got them to beat some prices on the range and microwave that were better elsewhere, and we also got some discounts through our realtor and got Memorial Day sale prices. Plus, KitchenAid has a fantastic rebate going on right now if you buy multiple of their appliances and we're getting $500 back from them!  The fridge, dishwasher and microwave are all being delivered tomorrow!! Then, our range, which was special order, should be delivered next week. I can't wait to see what the kitchen looks like once they're installed.

We went back and forth over a lot of these appliances, side-by-side vs. French door, gas/dual fuel vs. electric range, and eventually settled on what we thought was best for us and most cost-efficient.  We decided to go for side-by-side fridge, just because that was our preference and we didn't like the drawer layout of the French door. Plus, the side-by-side was bigger!  We also picked a counter-depth fridge so that it doesn't stick out into the walkway of the kitchen so much.  For the range, we picked an electric slide-in because of all of the extra costs we would have had to face in order to install gas lines to the stove and proper ventilation. Here's what we got:

KitchenAid Counter-Depth Fridge
Inside of the fridge
KitchenAid Slide-in Electric Convection Range
KitchenAid Over-the-Range Microwave
KitchenAid Dishwasher

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