Monday, November 26, 2012

Media Room Paint

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We had a super busy week and weekend. Today, I'm sharing the new paint color that I painted in our media room about a week ago. It's a custom color by Sherwin Williams, a darkened version of Gauntlet Gray (140% of SW 7019). Here are some pictures. I really like it a lot. Oh and don't mind that outdated, gold fan, it has since been removed and replaced with something a little more modern ;) 


  1. Love it! I'm a gray person also. Mine is lighter than that but still gray. I have a bathroom I painted four times to get the "right gray"... haha

  2. Media room piant is shown here. Know all about it
    Hunter Douglas

  3. This post is interesting. I will share this with my friends and other members. Thanks for sharing this post with us. Kindly keep posting more things.


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