Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Living Room Update

I'm still in the early stage of planning the living room, but I did manage to figure out a rough floor plan. The room is shaped a little bit oddly, so I'm having to work around that and the window placements.  The furniture will consist mostly of a small couch or loveseat and two arm chairs. I'm going to get three bookshelves for the wall directly across from the door.  I haven't decided if I'll have an ottoman in front of the loveseat, I think that will depend on the specific furniture that I select for the other pieces and how much room there is.

I'm probably going to pick natural and neutral colors for the furniture, like linen, beiges and creams.  However, finding the perfect furniture is proving to be difficult without spending a ton of money. These are a few that have caught my eye, so it will probably be something along these lines...

Markham Sofa

Avery Sofa

I'm also on the hunt for some arm chairs that will be nice for sitting and reading in them.  I love the tufting in these two:

Pinned Image   Morgan Arm Chair

I'm looking for a new light fixture for this room and I think a chandelier would be gorgeous. Of course, I found the perfect chandelier, but it's sold out everywhere, so the search continues for something similar. This is what the one I wanted looked like:

For the wall of bookshelves, I'm going to get three bookshelves that can be placed flush together to create a built-in look for our space. I've gone back and forth on a lot of different shelves, but right now I'm looking at the large bookshelves from Ballard Designs or getting custom bookcases made and painted white.

As for where the color in this room will come in, I've started looking at paints and fabrics. At the moment, I'm thinking of using the P. Kaufmann Leaf fabric in Cloud for the curtains. However, I'm going to check out some more fabric stores to see if there is anything else that I like better.  You can see how the leaf fabric looks with greens and natural linen colors in this picture:

P Kaufmann Leaf Cloud Pillow Cover -- 18x18 -- Blue/Green/Gray -- Zipper Closure

I've started looking at paint for the walls too. I think a light green wall color that coordinates well with the rest of our house will be pretty. I picked up a ton of swatches at Sherwin Williams and narrowed it down to these strips, but I think I will keep looking until I settle on the fabric.

So, that's where things are at the moment. I'm really trying to figure out the overall look of the room before I start buying a ton of stuff. I'm excited with the progress and hope to share more updates with you soon!


  1. I love your blog and your design ideas. The ideas for the living room look great! Can you provide sources for the items in your inspiration board? I've love to know where the sofas and tufted arm chairs are from-- I love them! - Roslyn

  2. Hi Roslyn, I got most of those images from HomeDecorators (www.homedecorators.com). The sofas were the Markham and Avery sofas. The cream tufted chair on the right was also from HomeDecorators, it's the Morgan Arm Chair.
    The first tufted arm chair is the Home Loft Concept Tufted Club Chair from wayfair.com.

    I've never seen any of that furniture in person, so I can't vouch for the quality, but I was just trying to find pictures and styles that I like. Good luck!

  3. Everything you do turns out great, so I have no doubt this room will be any different! I love the fabric, colors you've chosen. The arm chairs and couches are great too!

    I've seen a lot of ideas for the "built-in" look using tall bookcases from Ikea, and Maybe that might be something worth looking into? http://pinterest.com/pin/68719880450/

    1. Hi Nicole! Thanks for the encouragement.

      I've definitely seen the Billy-built-ins, and the ones Centsational Girl made were amazing. I'm just not sure if they will be tall enough, but I'm considering them!

  4. I am sure u have finished your living room. I had lunch pleated curtains made in that same fabric. I painted the room in sea salt by Sherwin williams.


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