Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Flowers & Decor

Happy Fall Y'all! Friday was the first official day of fall so this weekend, I started adding some fall decor around the house.  I haven't decorated much for the fall in the past, but with all of the inspiration floating around the internet and Pinterest, I thought it'd be a great time to do so.

First, I got a wreath for our front door. It's orange-y, reddish, brown with fall leaves. I added the ribbon bow and covered a wreath hanger with ribbon to make it look like it's hanging from the door with ribbon.  I like how it turned out. It adds color to our black door against the white siding of the house.

 Darcy watched me from upstairs then entire time, so I had to
take a picture of him ;)

I also got some burgundy mums from Home Depot for the front steps. HD had a big selection and the best part of all is that they were $4 each! Some of them were normal sized, but I managed to find a couple giant ones that were still $4!  I got a couple of another variety that were a little bigger to plant in the yard.

While we were planting the mums, we went ahead and planted tulip bulbs for the spring. If you plant now, they'll root before the winter and flower in the spring. We got 90 tulips to plant in the front, they're going to be red, white and red/white mix. But wow, planting bulbs is tiring! Kevin and I took turns with the bulb planter, but it wears you out digging 90 small 4" deep holes, lol. I can't wait to see what they look like when they come up in the spring!


I went to Fresh Market over the weekend and bought some fresh flowers in bright fall colors. They have the best selection of flowers. I love going in there to see what they have available. Here's the arrangement that I made, sitting on our dining room table.

I've added a couple more fall-ish things around the house, but I'm still working on beefing up the decor.  I can't wait to get pumpkins and I'm thinking about getting a bunch of the little ones to decorate the mantle or something else.
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  1. Your wreath is beautiful! I am also in Raleigh and got some of the mums from Home Depot, I went to the one in Cary. My mums are the rust color and are on my front steps as well :). Let me know if you find a good place to get pumpkins around here!

  2. Loving the wreath, and mums! I'm hoping to make a burlap wreath soon, and would love to find some lush mums at the farmer's market the next time we go..

    I can't wait for our pumpkin patches open up! I've been pinning so many fun ideas on Pinterest that I can't wait to try!

  3. Glad to have these ideas for fall flowers and decoration inspirations. Thanks a lot for this inspirational post. Will be hosting fall themed bridal shower for a friend and would like to buy flowers online as I am a working woman and can’t go out for shopping. Do you know about any good Flowers Delivery online shop?


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