Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kitchen Gallery Wall

A couple of days ago, when I put up the chalkboard menu in the kitchen, I realized that it alone was a little small for that space. So, I set off thinking of things I could add to the wall to make it feel more decorated.

Since Kevin and I love cooking, restaurants and cafes, and Paris, I thought it might be fun to do a gallery wall of photos of these in black and white. I chose photos from Paris, specifically Rue Cler, the street where we stayed in an apartment on our honeymoon, and a couple other photos of French cafes and chairs.  It's really cool to have pictures hanging on the wall in our kitchen of the places we visited on our honeymoon. There are pictures of the bakery we visited at least once a day, the cheese shop and grocery store we shopped at before making a meal, a restaurant/cafe that we ate at, and pictures of the street.  I think that displaying photos of places like these are perfect for an eat in kitchen, plus they have so much meaning for us. We're really enjoying them.   Plus, this was a super inexpensive project because I used white frames that I already had and just had to print and get a few pictures enlarged!

And, here's what the area looks like now:

Click Here for post about DIYing the chalkboard menu.

So, I'm still working on thinking about what I'll do for window treatments for the bay window. Here's a better picture of the space, as it is right now. 

For now, I'm really liking these silk sheer curtains from West Elm, but who knows what we'll choose in the end ;)
Silk Paisley Window Panel

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  1. That wall looks much better with the addition of those pictures, and how neat to have something personal displayed that looks artsy as well!

  2. great kitchen :) love the curtains too!


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