Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We are not big into Halloween over here, but we still do some celebrating! We are excited for lots of trick-or-treaters to come by the house tonight. That's one of the fun benefits of living in a big neighborhood with lots of kids... you get to see some crazy costumes and hand out lots of candy each Halloween.

Last year's front porch decorations
I don't have any true Halloween decorations up, everything is more Fall/harvest themed. I just love the look of pumpkins and mums and I like that you can keep them out longer than Halloween decorations, all the way until Thanksgiving! I didn't go as crazy with the mums and pumpkins as I did last year, but I still have a few. Here's a picture I took last night. Maybe I'll collect some more before thanksgiving ;)

Darcy and Rory will of course be dressing up to greet everyone tonight. Darcy will be his usual hot dog, it's the easiest and most successful costume that we've tried with him. We got a last minute costume for Rory last night and he's going to be a pirate. We will see how long it takes him to destroy that hat.
Rory the pirate
Last year as a hot dog
Hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween!!

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