Monday, July 29, 2013

An unexpected purchase

Well... long story short, we bought a new car last week! Last Sunday was the beginning of a stress-filled week trying to figure out the best thing to do with one of our cars, but it all worked out for the best.  Kevin's car bit the dust a little earlier than we expected. We had been hoping it would last us until next summer, but some costly repairs made it blatantly obvious that it no longer made sense to keep putting money into it.
Kevin with his car on our last day with it!
Being a huge planner, I had already researched cars and figured out what we would probably buy next year and how much we wanted to spend... so even though this was pretty unexpected, we really just had to fast-forward our plan, and thankfully, we were able to make it work!  We bought a new 2013 Toyota Highlander SE in Magnetic Gray Metallic, and we're so happy with our purchase.
After we bought our new car!
The Highlander is perfect for us, because it is a crossover SUV that is built on an Avalon/Camry frame, it drives like a car (I like that!).  But it's better than a car because we can fit 7 people in it and it has lots of cargo room, when the seats are folded down.

We did get a few special features that we really liked while looking at them on the lot. We picked black leather interior and upgraded navigation and sound system. Kevin is loving being able to control his iPhone via controls on the steering wheel and access apps and music in the car. Well, since pictures are better than words, here it is in our driveway!

We are so excited, now we just need to make sure that it lasts us a very long time... which I know it will!


  1. Love the Highlander! Looks great! It will be a nice car for when you two are ready to start building on to your family :)

  2. Many an adventure to be had in new wheels... love it :)


  3. You will love the Highlander! We bought ours in 2002 and it still runs beautifully! It's been so worth it. Enjoy--love your blog. Can't wait to try the ottoman project!

  4. Highlander was a great choice! Whose idea was it to purchase a crossover SUV? By the way, what did you do to your old car? It was a wise decision to not give it repairs anymore and just purchase a new one. Looking forward to more trips and adventures with your new car! Always drive safely!

    -Rigoberto Axelson @

  5. I'm really impressed with the thought process you put into getting a new vehicle. I'm even more impressed that you were able to get such a nice SUV on a budget! I like the color that you chose too. I had a car with that color and I swear you will not always feel the need to wash.


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