Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Darcy!

Four years ago, our dog Darcy was born. He has been such a big part of our lives and I can't imagine what it  would be without him. He is constantly bringing a smile to our faces and loves unconditionally.  Here are some pictures all the way back from when we got him!
The weekend we brought him home, Oct. 2009
Halloween 2009, that pumpkin was a little too big ;)
Christmas 2009
His first snow, Jan 2010
On his first birthday
Christmas 2010
Getting his stocking on Christmas
At the beach

4th of July!
Fall at our new house
Christmas 2011
On the deck, Spring 2012
At the beach
Fall 2012

Christmas with his new brother, Rory
This weekend at the beach
 Happy Birthday Darcy!!

p.s. Way to go if you made it through all of those pictures, lol.


  1. So cute! I love these moments with our dog, they are so special. Happy Birthday Darcy!

  2. Love all these old pics of Darcy! I forgot how small he was! Still cute as ever!


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