Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Revisiting our 2012 Goals

Happy New Year! 

Wow, January already? I can't believe it. I thought I would take a look back at the goals that we made last January here and see how we did.

2012 House Goals
- Finalize design plan for formal living room
- Find/order furniture, paint, and decorate formal living room

- Tile backsplash in kitchen -- coming soon!?
- Update landscaping in front yard
- Media room layout and design plan

- Build built-in day bed/ window seat in media room  Decided not to do this
- Resod front yard grass
- Add more storage and organization in laundry room
- Finish decorating master bedroom -- almost, but still a work in progress
- Paint and organize garage

Well, we didn't get to all of them, but I think we made some really good progress. Plus, I kind of forgot about this list until just recently ;)

We started decorating and finished the formal living room this year... I really love this room.

We did update the landscaping in the front and back yard by planting lots of new plants, expanding natural areas, and beefing up my rose garden in the back yard. We also sodded the front yard, which was a huge undertaking, but was so worth it.

I finally finished our media room plan as well.

And, we've already started working on this room. Hopefully we will finish it up in the next couple months.

This last year flew by, I know we'll get to the rest of the things on that list eventually, but I'm happy with what we've done. Happy New Year!!


  1. You definitely accomplished a lot on your list! Home improvements aren't easy and most take up some time, especially to find the perfect items to make it just how you want it! :) Your formal living room you worked so hard on looks awesome! I am always seeing people pin your ottoman and bookcases! haha I'm looking forward to seeing how your media room comes together! The paint color and couch are great choices!

  2. How do you make your design boards? I think this is a great idea! I am trying to plan out my family room but am having the hardest time connecting everything!!!

    1. I do them in a program like Photoshop. But, you could do the same thing with Powerpoint or any photo editing software.

  3. I love your paint color in your dining room and the upholstered chairs that are a similar color. Can you share the name of both and where you got them?

  4. Are you talking about the room in this post or the actual dining room? The dining room is Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams and the chairs are from Home Decorators Collection.


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