Monday, October 8, 2012

Shopping for a Sectional

For the past few months, I've been casually searching for a sectional for our media room.  Right now, this room is sitting empty, waiting for us to get around to filling it. We decided to wait to finish this room so we could really make it something that we would enjoy.  Right now, the plans for this room are to make it a comfy media room, great for relaxing while watching a movie or hanging out watching football with friends.

The room will most likely be dominated by the furniture for seating, so we knew that we wanted to get a big sectional that would be comfortable and seat a lot of family or friends. So, I set out researching sectionals and figuring out what our preferences were.

First I found that I really wanted a sectional that had a chaise, I love lounging and being able to prop up on the couch with a chaise would be perfect. I also wanted a soft fabric like suede or velvet in a gray color. I also wanted the couch to be big, but not completely overwhelm the room. Oh and affordable, please! That's a lot of demands for a sectional to have to meet, here are some options that I came up with.
West Elm - Henry Sectional - $2247 
I loved the Henry Sectional by West Elm. But, it doesn't have a chaise option... It's really pretty and I love that it's modern, but after going back and for so many times, I decided that we really wanted that chaise.
ZGallerie - Phoenix Sectional - $2496
I found the Phoenix Sectional at ZGallerie, it's pretty and has the shape that we want, including the chaise.  I never got to visit it in store though, so I can't tell you how comfortable it is. I did read online that some of the pillows and cushions wore out pretty easily and started to sink where they were used a lot.

Macy's - Joyce 3 Piece Sectional - $2499
I found a sectional online at Macy's a few months ago, that seems to have a good mix of traditional and more modern shape, and included the chaise! I like that it's made in the USA, by Jonathan Louis Furniture, and it comes in a lot of colors I like, especially the gray. 
PB Square Sectional Upholstered Left 4-Piece Sectional, Box Cushion, Down-Blend Wrap Cushions, Brushed Canvas Mushroom
Pottery Barn - Square Sectional with Chaise - $5799
In my initial search for a sectional, I looked through the pages and pages of sectionals and options in the Pottery Barn catalog. There are so many to choose from, they definitely can make whatever sectional you want.  However, most of them are super, super expensive. More than double the other sectionals that I considered. We decided that another of the options are more reasonable and wouldn't take up the entire budget for the room ;)
Buchanan 3-Piece L-Shape Sectional with Corner Wedge, Polyesther Wrap Box Cushion, everydaysuede™ Stone
Pottery Barn - Buchanan 3 Piece - $2849
This PB sectional was an option, but it still doesn't have the chaise that I love and we really wanted that! 

So, what did we choose? I forgot to tell you that part... we actually already made a purchase this weekend!!  The sectional at Macy's was on super sale, so we went for it.  I was originally afraid that I wasn't going to be able to find it in store, because it looked like it was online only in our area. Then, I was surprised when I walked into the mall last week, only to find it sitting there... in the exact color and configuration that we wanted!  There are spotlights on the ceiling shining down on the sectional in these pictures, so it actually looks a little lighter in these pictures than it appears in person. 

Kevin and I went back to the mall yesterday to sit on it and make sure the color was right, and finally order it! It should be delivered sometime in November, can't wait! 


  1. Beautiful! I love sectionals! We really wanted one for our apartment but it didn't work out.

  2. Congrats on finding your couch! I find that when I shopping for a particular piece of furniture it is so hard to find exactly what I'm looking for in my price range so that's fantastic that you were able to get that for a good price! :)

  3. Yey! I love sectionals, especially ones with chaises! Looks great! Take pics of it in the room when you get it! :)

  4. It is so pretty! Can't wait to see it in the room:)

  5. So pretty! I just love the color. And it looks really comfortable, too! Can't wait to see it all styled-up! ;-)

  6. I was just about to comment that the Macy's one was my favorite! And yay for super sale! We have the PB Buchanan apartment sofa right now. I like it, but I definitely wouldn't buy it again.

  7. Funny! I just posted about my Macy's sectional! Ours is super comfy and my girls love it! And ours was on sale too! I don't think you will be disappointed!

  8. I know this post is from a while ago but I was wondering how the sofa has help up/ I am about to purchase but have read a lot of negative reviews about poor quality and problems with durability of of the JL sofas from Macy's. thanks

    1. Cozynest-did you purchase? Just curious on your color choice. Im looking at stone and peat and want an actual pic not an online pic. Let me know!


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