Monday, July 23, 2012

More updates!

We just got back from vacation this weekend, though it's hard to go back to work and our normal schedule. We were in NY and had a fabulous time! I'll post a recap of some of the fun things we did while we were there last week.

I did manage to find time yesterday to change some things up in our living room/library.  I bought 6 square picture frames from Ikea in NY that I've been looking at forever... so I ended up returning the ones from Target, and I think the new option is much better.  I had originally wanted these frames a long time ago, but I couldn't figure out how to successfully get them home. They're pretty big and I was a little hesitant that we could get them home without breaking, but we boxed them up and checked them on our flight home and it worked out well.  I really like them, I can't wait to get the prints that will go in the frames!  I think their scale is a little better than the silver frames were and the frames don't take your eye from the prints. 

I also got two chairs for the room while shopping on Sunday. I came across these brightly patterned chairs and the green is actually perfect for the room.  I'm trying them out for a few days to see how they fit in the room and decide on them. I had actually started to think, before I even found these chairs, that if I put cream/beige chairs and a neutral ottoman in here it would get a little boring.  So, what do you think about these patterned chairs? I'm planning to add a couple more coordinating fabrics to tie everything together if I keep them.  Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone, so they're not the best.

My one hesitation about them is that they have dark legs, which kind of stick out when I look at them, but I may be over-analyzing. I'm considering painting them a white or distressed gray, so they coordinate a little better, but don't match the rest of the room exactly. 


  1. Oh a trip to NY? Fun! I can't wait to see pics! I honestly like these Ikea frames you purchased a lot better than the Target ones. We have Ikea frames for our gallery wall too and I just love the look!

    I like the patterned chairs you bought! The dark legs are not noticeable.. I actually like them. Maybe you could add some plain colored (small) throw pillows to each chair? They look great in the room!

  2. LOVE those chairs!!!

    I honestly didn't even notice the legs until you pointed out that they were dark. Perhaps a dark wood book end or carving on the shelves would tie it all together a bit more if it really bugs you?

  3. It looks so nice in there! I need you to come help decorate our house! Ready to see the prints in the frame as well!

    Cassie from True Agape

  4. Beautiful!

    We love Wier's too! It's my favorite furniture shop in the area.

  5. I love this couch! Do you remember where you bought it?


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