Monday, February 13, 2012

Surprise, Surprise...

I finally picked the wall color for our formal living room.  It might (not) surprise you that I picked a gray paint color. I sat down with my mom this weekend and we poured over the millions of paint chips that I've collected as possibilities for the room.  After weeding out the crazy colors it came down to a choice between a bold color or a more subdued, neutral. I just couldn't see the room going the way I wanted with a green wall, well, not one that would match my fabric. So, I gathered the gray options and chose from there.

I painted some squares on the wall to visualize Sherwin Williams' Comfort Gray, SW Silvermist, and SW Sedate Gray with the fabric.  I ended up picking the SW Sedate Gray because the others were a little too blue, and I want to downplay the blue more in this room.  So, with Sedate Gray selected, we picked up our brushes and started painting!!

The color is actually really difficult to photograph and looks different at different times throughout the day. Sometimes it looks silvery, sometimes it looks beige.  I think it will look great with the curtains!

We're making a lot of progress on this room! Our sofa will be delivered this weekend and I've started searching for some accessories and other furniture. I haven't picked out the arm chairs yet, but hopefully we'll find them soon!  I also bought a chandelier, which I think will look amazing :) The chandelier I wanted has been sold out at Home Depot for a long time, but I actually found a new one on eBay! It should be here this week, I hope it looks as great in person and in our space! Here's a picture of someone else's, although they used weird bulbs, haha!

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  1. I love the color - looks beautiful with your plans! Looking forward to the reveal! :)


  2. Very nice! Lovely color.. can't go wrong with a neutral gray!

  3. I am just finding you thru a google search of "gray" colors! Shocking what you can find. :) your site and am your newest follower.


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