Monday, November 18, 2013

Media Room Update

So, I've promised some pictures of our media room progress a few times now. Here's where we are with this room. It's come a long way since this time last year. I'm really happy with how things are going and even though it's taken a while, I feel like we've done a lot!
We really only need a few more things to be done until this room is 'complete.' Isn't it funny how once you get pretty close to finishing a room you see so many things you could have chosen? I've seen tons of red accessories out in stores now since the holidays are coming up. So, here's what we've done since you probably saw it last.

1. We put prints and photos in all of the frames in the gallery wall (except one)!

2. We bought a pub table and chairs for the nook area behind the couch.

3. We added new artwork to the wall in the nook. This print is a scene from Paris via Ikea. I love how much more dramatic this is the original art choice for this spot.

4. Added a chalkboard on the other wall in the nook area. I'm not sure what we're going to do with this chalkboard yet. But we are thinking of using it for either game night score keeping or lists of places we want to travel.

5. Added art to the area beside the window. I found these prints at HomeGoods and love that they have pops of red and feature pretty city scenes in New York, Paris and Venice.

6. Added a new throw for the couch. I picked this up at World Market and love the silver threads running through it. Find it here or a similar one from West Elm here.

7. And if you missed my last post here, we added a bar 'cart' area, which will be complete soon!

Whew, that's a ton of pictures. Hope you enjoyed the update!


  1. This turned out to be so amazing! Red is so hard to do without it looking too masculine, but you have the perfect balance. I love all of the Paris accents, too. :) Great job!

  2. Very pretty. I like the red and gray together. Nice job.

  3. Random Question! Where did you find your sectional? I love it!

    1. We got it at Macy's. This style isn't sold there anymore, but there are probably some similar ones!


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