Monday, July 1, 2013

Goodbye Reader

I'm sure you're well aware of the demise of Google Reader by now. But, just in case you're not up to speed, Google Reader will no longer be functional after today. Google says that it's been losing popularity (I don't believe), but really I think it's a push by them to use Google+ and similar features over there.

So, what are you using now in it's place?  I'm using a couple of things until I find my favorite. For the most part, I've been using Feedly. But, it's not my favorite. I've run into some issues with it synching what I've read across multiple devices. If I've read a bunch of new posts on my computer and then browse on my phone, sometimes they show up as unread still. There are also some kinks with navigating, but maybe I will get the hang of it. I'm also a little worried that Feedly depends on Google functionality, it seems to synch with Google data every time I log in, I don't know if it will be dependable after Google takes this away. I think I'm going to end up using another service.

If you're looking for the least amount of change from Google Reader, The Old Reader might be for you. It has a very similar setup. Once you've signed up, you need to upload you subscriptions by uploading the .xml file that you can download from Google takeout. After that, everything is very straightforward.

I also signed up for Bloglovin' and imported my Google Reader list, so that I would have that option. I like the layout and suggestions for new blogs to follow.  The only problem I've had has been in the actual reading, I don't like having to click the posts to read everything... I want to just be able to scroll through the entire post.

So, what have you settled on to replace Google Reader? Are you liking it even more than you thought?

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