Friday, February 15, 2013

This Weekend's Project

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day yesterday! We had a wonderful night relaxing at home. I made beef wellington for the first time and it was literally probably the best thing I've ever made. I'm going to blog the recipe sometime soon, it's actually really easy, just very labor intensive!
Beef Wellington with a pastry heart for Valentines Day :) 
Our dinner... so yummy! 

But, on to this weekend... because we're finally tackling a project that we've been talking about since April 2011 when we bought the house... the backsplash!! It takes me forever to make big decisions and it was no different with this one. Also, when you add in the fact that a backsplash isn't actually necessary to live in a kitchen, it made it easy to ignore. So we lived with the painted drywall, but now that's about to change!

Here's what arrived at our house yesterday:

Yep, it's 50 square feet of carrara marble tile for our backsplash! I'm really excited because we picked a unique pattern, 1x2" herringbone in a honed finish. I think it will be much more interesting than typical 1x2" tiles laid in brick form and I like it more than the common subway tiles. Here's what some of the tile looks like:

We're doing it all ourselves, so yes, we have a crazy weekend ahead of putting this up, but I am so excited about how it's going to look.  I'll definitely share the process and pictures along the way! I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Here's a picture I found of the herringbone Carrara tile in another kitchen. We're not doing a huge wall like that, but it's so pretty! 


  1. The beef wellington sounds, looked so yummy! I'd love the recipe when you get around to it!

    How exciting your back splash tile arrived! Love that pattern, it's going to look awesome!

  2. Hi! I found a pin of your backsplash and it's exactly ehat we have been looking for. Would you be willing to provide your source carrara marble? We can't find anything we like for our kitchen. Thanks!


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