Thursday, March 3, 2011

House Updates

Everything is moving smoothly with the house. So far, so good!  We close at the end of April, so until then, we're getting lots of things done to prepare for closing and just enjoying dreaming about what we'll do when we move in to make it our own.

We know we'd like to make some changes in the kitchen, as it needs some new appliances and updating. We're still brainstorming about what kind of look we'll go for, but I'm excited! We also haven't really figured out the scope of our kitchen changes yet, as we have a few other things we want to do.  I love how the space feels very open and I think it would look really pretty if we paint the cabinets and add new countertops and neutral painted walls.

Here's what the kitchen looks like now:

And what we'd hope to make it look like eventually with white paint,

or maybe dark cabinets?

I'm not sure, but it's fun to look at all of these gorgeous kitchens.

I also love that there are oil-rubbed bronze hardware on the doors throughout the house.  The light fixtures are also dark and coordinate nicely. I think it makes for a very traditional and classic look.  It's still just fun to think about all the things we can do, we'll see how they actually turn out later/what we actually do once we're in ;)  But, for inspiration, look at these similar kitchen transformations that I found. It's amazing what you can do in a kitchen by changing a few key things.
before #1
after #1

before #2
after #2

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  1. How exciting your closing is the end of April, right about the time I get married :) Your kitchen has a ton of potential and I know it's going to look amazing! Best of luck with everything!

    We have big hopes for our tiny kitchen. There's no storage and no pantry so we're having to get really creative until we can afford to re-do our kitchen.


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