Friday, July 16, 2010

Apartment Decor Update!

We've made so much progress in a week! After we finally got all of the furniture in, it made figuring out all of the little decor items much easier. I got two framed prints to go above the couch from HomeGoods (on sale!) and they look great because they have all of the colors we're using. I also picked up some light blue window panels and a floor lamp and this area is basically done! :)
Living room area with new pictures, lamp and curtains.

Here's what our master bedroom looks like. We didn't have to buy anything new for this, which was so nice. But, since our new room is bigger and it makes everything look even better than it did at the old apartment.

We did have to pick up some wall decor at HomeGoods and Marshalls to decorate the bathroom. We had a couple extra walls that looked kind of bare, so when I found these cute aqua paintings I knew they were perfect. Then, I found the cute LOVE quote and thought it would be nice here too.

On another note... Darcy got his own personal little makeover on Wednesday. He was soooo scruffy, see pic below. I took him to a new place to get groomed and they did a great job. It's called Ooh La La Pet Spa and it's super close to our new apartment. He had a lot of fun with them and all of the other dogs. So, here's what he looked like before and then his after pics are to follow.
Sorry, there's so many pictures, he's so cute I had to take a million to try to get a few good ones!

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  1. Wow! The decor of your assortment is so cute! Also, there's harmony of all colors used.

    My newly-wed sister and her husband moved to a small house lately. They've bought the house using their monetary gift from family and friends during their wedding. I like their bathroom coz they used tile, Clearwater products. It's not surprising because there are many quality construction supplies in Florida, including the area of Tampa. Laminate flooring has been my family's favorite because of its unique feel.

    Thanks for sharing, Meredith! By the way, Darcy is so cute!


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